About Me

Dale Deloney is a Christian ministry professional based in Austin, Texas. Throughout the course of his life, he has relied upon his faith in God in many ways. Learn more about Mr. Deloney's background to better understand why he chose to go into the ministry and discover the exciting plans he has for the future.

Dale Deloney's Current Role & Duties

As a career ministry professional, Mr. Deloney enjoys showing others what Christianity has to offer. He reads the Bible closely and makes an effort to look for God's path in everyday life. In his younger years, after he attended college, he traveled both domestically and internationally to hand out Bibles, introduce others to Jesus, and meet fellow believers around the globe.

Dale Deloney is currently in the process of restarting his Christian ministry, and he looks forward to the upcoming years of re-engaging with churches and believers around the world. Because he places importance on understanding God's word as well as respectfully engaging others in critical thinking, his ministry emphasis will be on answering others' questions as well as presenting evidence for the truth that lies in the Bible.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

He was left in the care of his grandparents, who lived in the area, after being born in Houston, Texas.After a prolonged court battle, his mother and stepfather were given custody of Deloney as a toddler. As an adult, Deloney has great respect for all of the people who raised him and gave him his first opportunities to succeed in life.

Choosing a Career in the Christian Ministry

Mr. Deloney left Texas to attend the University of Wisconsin, but he soon decided that he would rather work for himself. He used his academic skills and experience relating to many different kinds of people to first work as a forklift operator and then as a production control clerk. Eventually, he decided to work for himself in this department. At this point, he moved back to Texas with his family.

Dale Deloney was exposed to Christianity when he was a teenager, but he didn't fully grasp the implication that faith could have in a person's life. After working for himself, starting an employment agency, and joining the United States Army, he felt a sense of emptiness that he couldn't describe. A friend reintroduced him to Christianity, God, and the fact that his life was filled with purpose. At this point, he decided to fully give his life over to God and awaited God's plans for his life. He then felt called to join the ministry and began making plans to spread God's word to those around the world.


Mr. Deloney's philanthropy is closely tied to his career as a ministry professional. He has handed out Bibles in Russia, taken a mission trip to Siberia, and preached in the largest church in Omsk (a Russian city which is situated in southwest Siberia). During another mission trip to Mexico, he was instrumental in leading the building of a church.

Accomplishments and Achievements

In addition to the pride that accompanies knowing that he has shared his faith with others around the globe, Dale Deloney has also enjoyed several tangible milestones and career accomplishments of which he is very proud. Below are just a few of his activities over the years (both during his time in the international ministry and here in the United States):

In high school, he was a conference champion in cross country. As he was able to run a 4:20 mile at 16 years old, he set many state and school records during this time period.

He spent over 15 years in the Christian ministry, where he made lifelong friends and experienced incredible, life-changing events.

He is a family man who raised two wonderful daughters who are now successful adults.

He spoke with Lt. Governor Dan Patrick of Texas. Mr. Patrick is known for introducing the "sonogram bill" to protect unborn life in Texas, and he is one of the prominent conservative voices of his generation in the state.

He had the honor of meeting with President Trump.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

Mr. Deloney enjoys traveling, planning mission trips, and introducing others to his faith. He is known to stand up for what he believes in, even when others are silent. Many friends remember that when Mr. Deloney was in college, he challenged a well-known professor on the scientific evidence regarding evolution. As a Christian and someone who has faith in God and Jesus Christ, Mr. Deloney asked the professor whether he, too, was operating on faith as there was no true evidence at that point of the "missing link" often cited in evolutionary theory. Mr. Deloney enjoys engaging others in respectful discourse about religion, philosophy, and faith.


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